Following a kind invitation to dinner, the crew meet with Reth Alain and his protege at his home. Recca admitted that she was the mysterious cloaked figure who stole the tablet from the Imperials. They discussed the history of the planet and he shows off his collection. Revealling that the planet was scourged to the bedrock long before the current settlement.

They slept poorly, with dreams plagued by masked spider-people and a planet drenched in blood.

However in the morning, they were able to strike up a decent contract for 4000Cr running a package to the Rebellion from Incom.

Before leaving they went to the dome of Queen Voss to investigate the rumours of a jedi. They also heard that one of the Emperors Imperial Guard was known to be in the system and had been for many years. The "Jedi" was an older human with greying hair, standing up for a free clinic to help treat the addicts that subsisted in this dome. They broke up a fight and managed to pin the blame squarely upon themselves, so that there would be no further disruptions to the clinic.

They then prepared to set out for the Rebel base where their next job lay in wait.

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