Last time on Starwars:

Max Madakee, an ex-stormtrooper cum Bounty Hunter, a smuggler named Pash who owes TEEMO a lot of money for a lost ship, and TEEMO'S favourite Wookie gladiator slave Lowhhrick. Conspired in secret to escape their service and in the process liberated one 41-Vex a droid mechanic and medic.

They heard that a slave trader named TREX would have a ship in Moss Shuuta, so they fled.

They managed to overcome TEEMO'S thugs, recover a hypermatter injector and lift the landing lock before fleeing to the hangar. In the process they injured Trex and stirred up the ire of a patrol of Imperial storm troopers. Before stealing his ship the KRAYT FANG

But getting away by the skin of their teeth they fled into orbit, where they tangled with a trio of Tie Fighters taking some damage and jumping to hyperspace.


Unfortunately they discovered that TREX was not intending to leave so soon. He still had some of his cargo aboard and he had not yet refuelled his ship.

The only place in range is a primarily IMPERIAL held system named KEMRETH. There is one Jovian-like world in the habitable zone and two inhabited moons. Primaris, a verdant Imperial civilian world and Secundus, an airless rock-ball rich in valuable minerals where the population lives in domed cities.

So we open with our rogues in the main cargo bay of the ship just adjacent to the galley planning their next move.

Deciding to land in the cheapest of the three ports, the Black Dome, they settle down and see the sprawling yards of partial ships and salvaged buildings as well as an alarming amount of Imperial Activity.

They were shaken down for credits by the port authorities clearly angling for a bribe and Vex went off to sell their ill gotten gains.

Lowhrrick got into a cage fight with a combat droid and won, impressing bar patrons and the crew heard rumours of a lone jedi living in the Green Dome of Queen Voss.

Gaim left their service and went off to preach his vision of divine unity to whoever would tolerate him and their captive Storm Trooper also jumped ship.

Thankfully with the credits earned, they now have enough to attempt a few basic repairs to the ship and fuel her up and get out of dock, they changed the vessels registration to the Lucky Star and Na'Tala comes over with some good news.

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