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Mar Tzik -copy

Mar T'zik - T'Skrang Illusionist

Mar T'Zik - T'Skrang Illusionist - His father was a trader and a member of House K'Tenshin who married his mother (a local illusionist). The relationship was largely to cement a trade deal to supply Three Kaers. However when Mar was a teenager he went to visit his father and fell out over his father on the matter of dealing with known slavers from outside Barsaive. House K'Tenshin is actively seeking out trade deals with nations that the other T'skrang houses have boycotted including Thera. The young Mar saw this as support for slavery its self and broke all ties with his father.

Borrath - copy

Borrath - Elven Nethermancer

Borrath - Elf Necromancer - An orphan adopted by Ash Skyrunner at the tail end of the last Theran war.

Goliath -copy

Goliath: Troll Weaponsmith

Goliath (Troll Weaponsmith) -

Magrat - Copy

Magrat - Ork Elementalist

Magrat Zag (Ork Elementalist) -

Quill "Forest Lord" (Human Beastmaster) - [Retired]

David the Tall (Windling Warrior) - [Retired]

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