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The surface world was ravaged by the Horrors. For 400 years people sheltered beneath the Earth waiting for the horrors to subside and even after nearly 100 years, much of the world is still unexplored. Demonic Horrors lurk in the ruins of once thriving underground shelters, an empire of slavers looks to reconquer their lost province. Aggressive raider clans and expansionist city-states vie for supremacy whilst monsters lurk in the still unexplored wilds just off the path and nobody really knows what the Dragons are up to. Amidst this chaos there are opportunities for brave souls to forge a legend for themselves that will endure long after stones have turned to dust.

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General concepts: Edit

Making things up is cool, as long as it doesn’t contradict existing stuff.

  • So for example If the group approaches a tavern and I haven't given one, give it a name. If there's an NPC I've not described in detail, feel free to describe them or even play them for a moment if you want (although I reserve the right to step in)

You’re playing the Heroes of the story but that doesn’t make all your enemies the villains.

  • NPCs are people too, even stereotypical raiders have friends, families and their own motives. They are not suicidal and may run if they are being overwhelmed. (You should consider this option as well). I would like to discourage casual killing of enemies. They probably won’t kill you either. (although beating you up, taking your stuff and ransoming you back to your families is a thing you probably want to avoid).