Ak the two-headed snake god, gatherer of the dead and guardian of secrets


Wopi the frog god of wisdom and knowledge


Chetta a Monkey goddess of creativity and art


Umla the cow goddess of fertility and agriculture


Ran a goat god of war and excellence


Djodi the turtle goddess of rivers, oceans and the unknown (wife of Wopi).


The Gods of Pangara can be capricious, whimsical and jealous, or generous, helpful but above all unfathomable and unpredictable. These deities are also known to take Humani form, but will always have one part of them unchanged to maintain their link with the Golden Vale. It is also a fact that other races worship them, so the question is, whose side are they on?

The Golden ValeEdit

This is the realm of the Gods, where they watch the mortal plane and where a very select fraction of dead Humani are allowed to dwell in death.

The Back VeilEdit

The curtain beyond which none can see, the Black Veil is where the spirits of the dead pass after the mortal body gives up it's ghost. For a while after death, spirits will return to visit their loved ones, or occasionally plague their enemies, but eventually they pass for good behind the Black Veil. It is said that some find their way to the Golden Vale after death and live in perpetual summer, but this is the destiny of only great or remarkable Humani. Write the second section of your page here.

The City of the DeadEdit

Every community has it's Necropolis, a quiet and revered place, where homes for the dead are built, and where the spirits of the dead may return. It is said that the tunnels beneath each tomb lead to the Black Veil, and that any mortal that passes there will never return, so children are warned not to follow beckoning spirits lest they lead them to the netherworld.