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Humani, the Spirit WalkersEdit

The Natural Philosophy of the HumaniEdit

Humani are a race similar to you and I. They have developed cities and civilisation, and learned to use bronze, build with of stone and delve the mysteries of the Runes. Their priests commune with the gods on behalf of the rest of Humani and their philosophers unlock the mysteries of nature and the workings of the mind. Uniquely among all the races, the spirits of their dead can both linger on the mortal plane, and even return through the Veil after death.

Pangara’s Humani are biologically different to the denizens of Earth, and are hardier, and more resilient to injury and disease. The principle differences are their radiant blood system, where blood is generated in the stomach and pumped by the heart outwards, where it is consumed by the organs, bones and flesh to give life, motion and vitality. Also, with the exception of the brain, their organs are more mobile, not being fixed in a location within the body, and the main functions of the organs is to conjoin and regulate the mind, body & spirit. Blood loss is less injurious to Humani, and as long as an injured person is adequately treated, nourished, and resists corruption, they can often make a full recovery.

Each Humani is possessed of Mind, Body & Spirit. As long as Vitality is maintained the spirit will remain, but if vitality runs out the spirit will be separated from the body and eventually depart to the afterlife, with the right rituals, this spirit will pass peacefully into the next world, and may, for a while be able to return to commune with loved ones. Those not properly cared for following death may become earthbound, and possibly dangerous spirits.

The Natural Philosophy of Medicine

Humani HistoryEdit

Humani once roamed the whole of Pangara and dominated the lowland and island territories, now they have been driven to the edges of the plains, and to the shadows of the mountains. Squeezed between the swift and deadly Durthes, the mysterious Assai and the implacable Nollans. Even the Gallackos now have the audacity to raid outlying settlements and harass merchant caravans.