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Jotunn is a late-stage red giant star that when surveys arrived was thought to be unfit for permanent settlement. It was colonized under Rogue Trader Bale's Trade Writ, as two of the planets - Thrym and Surtr - were found to contain valuable minable resources.

Surtur was likely a Terra-like planet prior to Jotunn becoming a red giant, but now orbits so closely to the star's outer boundary that this is charred and molten, only fit for temporary underground mines to extract precious metals and gems from its interior.

Thrym is a small chunk of ice, orbiting Jotunn at its outer ring, only warm enough to support a domed mining facility to extract water from its vast ocean. Although the shell is frozen several kilometers thick, it hides a nearly bottomless ocean of fresh water and several species of primordial life, clustered around the remaining warmth in its core.