After a harrowing fight with the agents of the OPTIO, the crew managed to escape with pockets-full of valuables and more importantly the location of the island where the deported aliens are being kept.

After a few days of recuperation and treatment by Elana's friend Devon, a medical student, they set out to track down the missing professors.

The "Rebellion" provided a contact who could get them to the island.

She turned out to be an animal trainer who specialised in the aquatic indigenous life of the planet and escorted them past the sensor towers that encircled the island on a large plesiosaur-like creature.

After a few harrowing days of travel across open ocean, they arrived at a beach where numerous aliens were fishing or gathering supplies.

The Aliens had apparently been marooned here bereft of technology, but otherwise unharmed. The Imperials were even sending in supplies of food and water filters. They found one of the professors who arranged to collect the others. However they also mentioned that a number of people had vanished into the interior of the island that was populated by giant 6-legged cat creatures.

So naturally they set out to investigate.

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