A mercenary who always keeps their words and upholds their contract. Killshot is the codename for a master archer and assassain. Captured when the V'Sori convoy he was trying to ambush turned out to be an elaborate holographic projection designed to lure him out.

Race: Human (Extra Edge)

Attributes: Agility D12, Smarts D6, Strength D6, Spirit D8, Vigor D8 (10 points spent, 6 free and 3 from edges, 1 from Super-Attribute)

Skills: Climbing D4, Lockpicking D10, Repair D6, Shooting D12+1, Throwing D8, Fighting D8 Taunt D4, Streetwise D4. Notice D4, Drive D4 (15 + 4 super-skills = 19 skill points)

Derived attributes: Charisma: 0, Toughness: 5 (+1 Heavy = 6) Parry: 6 Pace: 12M

Hindrances: Bad Luck (Major), Over-Confident (Major), Heartless (Minor), Vow: Always complete a contract (Minor)

6 points gained: (All 3 spent on attributes)

Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Power Points x2, Quick, Nerves of Steel

Gear: Duraweave Suit, 2x Rope Arrows, 1x Net Arrow, 2 Adhesive Arrows, 2 Concusive Arrows, 10 Teflon arrows.


18 - The Bow: (Damage: 5D6, AP: 2, Range: 24M/48M/96M)

Ranged attack (3), Extra Damage x3 (9), Rapid Fire x2 (6), AP: 2 (1) Elemental Tricks: Electricity, Sound and Cold (6), Requires Materials - Arrows (-2)

Cost: 18 pts (23 pts -5 for Device )

1 - Super Attribute: Vigour, Agility (1)

4 - Super Skill:(4 extra skills)

2 - Super Edge (Nerves of Steel)


I've jigged some points around to make this fit.

Experience Progression:

5- Novice: Extra Power Points.(Super Vigour, Super Skills: Shooting, Super Edge: Nerves of Steel)

10- Novice: Skill - Notice (D4), Fighting (D4)

15- Novice: Skills - Fighting (D4> D8)

20- Seasoned: Extra Power Points 2 levels of Super skills (+4 skills)

25- Seasoned: Edge: Quick Draw

30- Seasoned: Edge: Improved Nerves of Steel

35- Seasoned: Drive D4 and Repair D4 > D6

40- Veteran:

45- Veteran:

50- Veteran:

55- Veteran:

60- Heroic:

65- Heroic:

70- Heroic:

75- Heroic:

80- Legendary:

85- Legendary:

90- Legendary:

95- Legendary:

100 (Retirement time)

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