Was born on Stryke a feudal world rich in rare and valuable types of lumber - It lies in the middle-rim and has an Imperial dominated ruling human aristocracy. Although it is quite cosmopolitan, the alien population are treated as serfs (but not abused as much as they would be in other parts of Imperial space)

His parents were poor loggers and he was the 5th child in his family. He was "sold" to the fighting pits at about 6.

The fighting pits of Stryke are one of its most famous attractions and fighting there is the ticket to fame and fortune for many of the poor underclasses that live there. After several years of training and preparation he fought in the pits, which also serve as a recruiting showroom for many of the warrior guilds which have interests in the sector. The Unbroken Bond interviewed him after he beat an established gladiator in the ring and found that he had an honourable spirit and was exceptionally skilled in his arts and so hired him. After a number of minor duties and a period of apprenticeship he was eventually hired by High-Lord Rosahj to be the personal bodyguard to his daughter the Lady Marasi So'roa San of house Rosahj (that was about 12-13 years ago - I'm thinking at this point he's about 30 or so and she's early 20's)

3 years previously Lord Rosahj was found murdered in his rooms with all evidence pointing at Lowhhrick. He was convinced and helped by Marasi to escape the planet. And now there's an Imperial Bounty on his head. Although his guild have stuck by him protesting his innocence in the matter as they point out he lacked motive and would never betray a contract. As he fled the planet, not knowing where to go, he fell in with Teemo the Hutt and began serving as a gladiator in his arena. 

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