Character Sheet for Marcus Gaius Edit

Name Caius Marcus Servillius ex Bonisagus
Player Andrew Hawkins
Covenant Iberus Flumen
Concept Sheltered Bookworm

Magus Companion Grog

Character quote: “It will take a few seasons of work, but I think you will agree a golem could make all our lives easier.

Gender Male Age 20 Apprenticed 1200 Born 1195 Date 1215
Characteristic Speciality Score
Intelligence Prodigy +4
Perception Attentive +1
Strength Scrawny -2
Stamina 0
Presence 0
Communication Communication +1
Dexterity Careful +1
Quickness 0

Virtue or Flaw

+3 Charmed Life
+2 Great Intelligence
+1 Hermetic Prestige
+1 Inventive Genius
+1 Strong Writer
+1 Knack (Magical Theory)
+1 Book Learner
-2 Sheltered Upbringing
-2 Cursed (See below)
-3 Small Frame
-2 Curse of Venus
-1 Compulsion (Always seeks magical solutions first)
Ability Speciality Score
Magic Theory Experimentation 5
Organisation Lore: Order of Hermes History 3
Parma Magica Rego 2
Scribe Latin Copying 3
Speak Latin Hermetic Usage 5
Speak Catalan Expansive Vocabulary 4
Finesse Precision 2
Penetration Rego 2
Concentration Spell Conc. 2
Artes Liberales Logic 2
Hermetic Law Apprentices 1
Disputio Teaching 1
Lectio Magic texts 1
Philosopiae Metaphysics 1
Stealth Speed 1
Awareness Alertness 1
Charm Order of Hermes 1
Guile Order of Hermes 1

Background/History Edit

Born in the Jaferiya Coven to Relegare ex Flambeau and an unknown father (It was a scandal at the time and the father remains unknown with speculation that it was one of the coven Grogs, a dispossessed noble, a supernatural being or even an attempt at creating life. Stories got increasingly unlikely with each retelling.)

He lived in the coven until he was about 5 when he chased a local cat through the Coven and into one of the arch-mages sanctums, disrupting a powerful ritual in progress. The ritual went awry and left Caius with an unusual curse. The magus performing the ritual was immediately sent into Twilight and Marcus was hurriedly sent off to begin his apprenticeship early with Venrie Bonisagus of the Duasitep Coven before news spread about the accident.

Of course news did get out and Venrie was furious, but it was too late. Having lived all his life within one Coven or another, he was actually a fairly good student when he got down to it.

The curse began to manifest itself once he had arrived in Duasitep, Marcus would go missing sometimes following an accident or trip and was nowhere to be found even to skilled divinations by his Parens. The mages completely overlooked the appearance of a new grog servant girl at the same time. Marcus had hazy memories of his time as Maienca and it appeared that she did likewise. She was something of an enigma and he worked hard to hide the fact, replacing all his glassware and crockery with wood or metal if possible and being extremely careful if not. He suspects the others knew, but don’t want to talk about the issue, so he keeps it as secret as possible. Twilight in somebody so young is a poor omen.

His master employed him primarily as a scribe and was diligent in ensuring that he gave the requisite one season in four for tuition (in part to maintain his own reputation, but also not wanting to anger Jaferiya by mistreating one of their children). He was quite strict with the lad and refused to let him use laboratory equipment unsupervised. Marcus was a prodigy with his life-long exposure to the magical world and was good at experimentation, but his Parens disliked his apparently slap-dash intuitive approach to work and instead forced him into research work.