One of the last generation of clones to be grown on Kamino, Max was originally designated CT-MX275.

Posted to the outer rim for his first tour, he met and fell in love with a young Twi'lek named Makara whilst stationed on Ryloth. Having risen to the lofty heights of Corporal, he was sent to claim the Emperor's due from a human trader who had defaulted on his taxes. Finding the man to be on the verge of bankruptcy, Max duly confiscated his remaining valuables - an old skimmer, some office furniture, and a beautiful Twi'lek house slave. Not entirely sure what to do with her, Max took Makara to the nearest bar to think it over. Alcohol was consumed, and an earnest but confused conversation took place between the rather smitten clone and the somewhat parochial Twi'lek, not helped by the fact that she only spoke pigeon Basic. The next morning, due entirely to a misunderstanding about rightful ownership, the pair woke to find themselves married.

Despite the unusual start, they were happy at first. For Max, who had never known anything but the regimented, brotherly seclusion of a clone unit, Makara's devoted (almost slavish) approach to caring for her husband was beyond his wildest dreams. In turn, Makara was overjoyed to find her "new master" so kind and loving. They might have had a real chance, if Makara hadn't come to the attention of a powerful criminal gang. Her former master owed the gang a considerable amount of money, and they demanded Max hand Makara over to pay off the debt. They'd greased the right palms in the Imperial hierarchy, and Max hadn't exactly filed the paperwork after absconding with a slave who technically belonged to the Empire, so his legal options were limited...

To avoid Makara being sold into slavery Max managed to persuade the gang that he would be more valuable to them. In exchange for a solemn oath of protection for Makara and her family, he went into the service of Teemo the Hutt as a bounty hunter. Soon Teemo had Max undertaking some pretty shady tasks, a far cry from his previous duties as a soldier and enforcer of the law for the Empire. Day by day he fell deeper into a life of crime, forced to commit ever darker acts. Without meaning to, he began to take out his frustrations on Makara. When she responded, he felt even more resentful. They argued constantly, until one day she couldn't take it anymore and left him.

They both feel a toxic mix of anger and guilt, blaming each other and themselves in equal measure, and they both really hate Teemo the Hutt...

Makara is headstrong and traditional, with a no-nonsense approach to life. The last Max heard, she was working as a waitress, but she doesn't exactly keep him in the loop - her circumstances could have changed a great deal over the years.

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