The Story of the one who lives in three circles - A story about the Fae (507 words)

The Interview - The troubles of black-ops hiring practices (425 words)

Instructions - A how to guide to certain activities performed at night (409 words)

Necessary Heroes - The resistance against our heroes. (836 words)

The Weapon of Sanity - There are very few people who are truly sane and empathic. (597 words)

The Drake Equation - Why we are alone (please note, poorly structured at the moment (567 words)

The Vigilante (206 words)

Wheel, Thorn, Castle - An alternative telling of Sleeping Beauty, inspired by Neil Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples

Micro Fiction Stories - A series of 1-2 sentence stories. (10 tales told in 2 lines or less)

Containment Report 17th September 2078 - Moira cleans up the lab.

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