Investigation notes



  • Ernest Kreed - Human Acolyte of St Cuthbert and the least educated priest on the continent
  • Ellyn Mason - Human Sorceress - A slightly deranged barmaid with academic leanings and a short temper.
  • Gnomish Bard -
  • Elven Swashbuckler - Daim Bar - Danweir
  • Graark - Half Ork Fighter - Dumb as rocks Mountainball player and escaped slave
  • Grace Olida - Halfling Thief

Session 1: Founding Edit

In which the Cauldron Philosophical Society is founded and immediately distracted by mercenary work. After rescuing an acolyte of St Cuthbert from an attack by a criminal fraternity known as the Last Laugh, the society investigates the recent spate of abductions in the city which the Last Laugh are believed to be involved in.

Staring: Ernest, Ellyn, Graark and Grace

Session 2: Investigation Edit

In which disappearances are investigated and Ghelve's locks is staked out and our protagonists get beaten up by street thugs from the Brass Trumpet.

Staring: Ernest, Ellyn, Bard and Swashbuckler (with Graark as an NPC)

Session 3: Delving Edit

New members, an ambush at Ghelve's Locksmiths and a venture Into the gnomish Jzadirune

Staring: Ernest, Ellyn, Bard and Swashbuckler (with Graark as an NPC)

Sessions 4,5 and 6 - Exploring Jzadirune Edit

In which the protagonists discover a terrible curse laid on many treasures of the lost enclave known as the Fading, confront a Grell, wipe out the remaining dark stalkers and befriend a mimic. They also rescue the Familiar of Ghelve and locate an elevator that leads to a new and even deeper set of tunnels.

Session 7 - The Slave Market Edit

In which the protagonists delve deeper, finding .