Most unlucky pilot in the galaxy. Raised on Alderaan son of the planetary senator (who met defeat at the hands of Senator Organa in the last elections). Joined the Imperial fighter academy. Got kicked out for dealing drugs (although he was set-up by the rest of his squad as they all did drugs together, he was the first one to have an accident and so they put all the drugs on his bunk). His father made the charges disappear and Pash was disowned. 

He took work as a pilot for the Tenloss Mining corporation to afford an apartment and a new speeder bike, but his cargo ship was attacked by pirates and he was press-ganged.  

Around this time Alderaan was targeted by the Empires Death Star and everything he owned and almost everybody he knew was destroyed in an instant. 

The pirates got caught by the Empire and rather than being killed as a pirate, an Imperial Captain by the name of Herkin instead sent him to work for Teemo as a pilot. 

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