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Resources for roleplay groups operating in the Bournemouth/Pokesdown area.

The GamesEdit

Currently Running: Edit

The Barrens LARP - A story about exploration and magic at the edge of the world.

On Hiatus: Edit

Legend of the Five Rings - The Topaz Championship - Run at Have Dice Roleplay Club

Fallout - The Fallen States of America - Run at Have Dice Roleplay Club

Earthdawn - The Unveilers: The surface world was ravaged by the Horrors. For 400 years people sheltered beneath the Earth waiting for the horrors to subside and even after nearly 100 years, much of the world is still unexplored. Demonic Horrors lurk in the ruins of once thriving underground shelters, an empire of slavers looks to reconquer their lost province. Aggressive raider clans and expansionist city-states vie for supremacy whilst monsters lurk in the still unexplored wilds just off the path and nobody really knows what the Dragons are up to. Amidst this chaos there are opportunities for brave souls to forge a legend for themselves that will endure long after stones have turned to dust. Run by Andrew Hawkins

Notes from the Philosophical Society of Cauldron - D&D 3.5 game set in the world of Greyhawk investigating mysterious disappearances and thefts in the city state of Cauldron. Run by Paul Betty

Ars Magica: Iberius Flumen [On Hiatus] - Medieval fantasy story of a cabal of hermetic mages in Aragon. run by Paul Betty.

Lorrimoss [On Hiatus] - Fantasy adventure run by Nick Coffin

The Long Range Desert Group [On Hiatus]- World War 2 action across the deserts of Northern Africa, run by Nick Coffin

The Words That Wrote the World [On Hiatus]- Enter the City-State of Kythios, one of the last bastions of Humani whose thousands of inhabitants, live, die, work and worship. Kythios, where philosophers explore the mysteries of the universe, where warriors raise their bright bronze blades against the marauding Duerthes and fearsome Nollans, and where the people gather at the Demos to govern their destiny. In this city strange priests jealously guard the inner mysteries of gods like Wopi the Frog, and Ak the snake, and Loremasters delve the secrets of the Runes that Wrote the World.

Shadowrun Missions - At Bag of Holding Games in Bournemouth

Concluded: Edit

Starwars: Rule of an Iron Fist - [Completed] Adventures of a motley crew fighting to survive and prosper in the Original Trilogy period by Andrew Hawkins

Tales from the13th Precinct - [Completed] Modern day investigative game set in the World of Darkness, run by Andrew Hawkins

Jack's London - [Completed] Modern day story of abduction and horror about Changelings in the World of Darkness run by Andrew Hawkins

Rise of Utopia - [Completed] An Aberrant based game that focuses on a trio of superhumans who decide the fate of the world run by Andrew Hawkins

Spirit of the Century - [Completed] Pulp Action in the 1920's run by Andrew Hawkins

Necessary Evil - [Completed] After the Super-Heroes of the world have fallen to an alien plot, the only hope for Earth lies in the villians that once plagued it run by Andrew Hawkins

LARP Games:

Starship Ares - Run by Rei and Hanbury

Abandoned: Edit

In Nomine- [Abandoned] The exploits of a trio of Angels in Demon-occupied Los Angeles.

Traveller - [Abandoned] Beyond the fronteir - A Traveller based game in which a group of escaped convicts try to escape an oppressive regeime and seek their fortune out in an area of space that has not been visited in hundreds of years since its settlement run by Andrew Hawkins

Rogue Trader- [Abandoned] The exploits of the Mighty Voidship "The Final Offer" in its service to House Marconi across the Koronus Expanse. Run by Adrian Bagley

Firefly (Run by Nick Coffin) - An assorted collection of criminals and social outsiders helped put away a crime boss several years ago. But now he's out with his crew and he's looking for revenge. The group must escape and turn the tables on their hunters if they want to survive.

Legend of the Five Rings - Godurasan Mura

Planned: Edit

The Hands of Baron Marksburg - [Planned] where a group of strangers are drawn into a foreboding realm of remote towns dominated by the tall spires of gothic castles that loom over  the deep river valleys that entwine impassable mountains and deep forests inhabited by Norkas, Kobbalds ,Nachthexen, Aufhockers and other fell beasts,.dark valleys and forboding forests run by Nick Coffin

X-Communicated - [Planned] A game set in the X-Com universe using the Conspiracy X rules. You are local opperatives of the X-Com program who are on assignment in the UK when the news comes. Global HQ has fallen, the alien invasion is underway. You have to scavenge the resources you need to survive and continue the fight and work out what the aliens are doing.

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