Professor Maxwell:Edit



  • Master of 1,000 languages
  • Mover and Shaker among the Courts of Europe
  • The Silver Tongued Sultan
  • Discoverer of the Secrets of the Pharoes.
  • Rabel Rouser
  • The Gentleman Sorcerer
  • The Black Book of Ba'al
  • Beast-Tamer
  • The Exorcist
  • Destroyer of the Dead


  • Superb - Mysteries
  • Great - Resolve, Academics
  • Good - Rapport, Science, Investigation
  • Fair - Alertness, Resources, Stealth, Contacting
  • Average - Intimidation, Guns, Leadership, Sleight of Hand, Deceit
  • Mediocre - Art, Athletics, Burglary, Drive, Empathy, Endurance, Engineering, Fists, Gambling, Might, Pilot, Survival, Weapons

Languages: All "normal" languages.

Plus: Gorilla, Atlantian, Ancient Egyptian, Latin, Ancient Greek plus 5 more that can be defined as you need them).


  • Academic:
    • Linguist (Speak 5 extra languages)
    • Gift of tongues (Speak all "normal" languages fluently and spend your language slots on obscure languages instead)
  • Mysteries
    • Psychic
    • Words in the Wind
    • Artifact: The Book of Ba'al (Allows communication with the dead)


During the war the Professor helped secure the Middle East by his cunning and guile. He intercepted communiations and allowed British Ambassadors to root out German sympathisers throughout the war.

Novel: Professor Maxwell and the Curse of the Pharaohs.Edit

After the Great War, Professor Maxwell returned to Egypt where he tried to pick up the trail of the Ramasees Diamond. After bypassing the traps around the temple he arrived in the nick of time to find Tarique the Terrible Turk, just about to pluck the jewel from its resting place.

Tarique warned the Professor about the Pharaoh Curse which would bring great suffering to anybody not of his bloodline, but the Professor ignored his warnings.

Maxwell and friends in hte field

He called in a favour from Lord Lionheart who was filming a new moving picture nearby along with the Black Hound and the Scarlet Pen. On their way back to Europe however the Black Hound sleep-walked out to where the jewel was stored and was possessed by its malign influence.

He fled the dirigible and took with him the Sword of Ages, which had the power to convert anybody it touched to a slave of the weilder.

The Scarlet Pen picked up his trail and the team raced after him stopping only so that Professor Maxwell could examine the strange heiroglyphs that discuss the jewel.

By the time they reached Cairo, The Black Hound had an army and threatened to drive Europeans out of the country. Lord Lionheart distracted him in a duel atop the Great Pyramid of Giza, whilst Professor Maxwell read from the Book of Ba'al to banish the pharaohs ghost. With the ghost defeated the slaves of the sword were set free and Professor Maxwell had saved Egypt.