Confidential Journal - Encrypted Edit

The events on New Terra have been... disturbing.

First to summarise the history of the place. At some point in the distant past probably over a Millenia ago, the planet was founded as a new colony world (Possibly using the web-way gate we ourselves found, it would explain the proximity to their capital city). With or without the Rarck on the planet, the humans prospered and then lost their connection to the greater Imperium. They kept to the Imperial Creed for a long time, but eventually much was forgotten, lost or de--emphasised. They began to trade with the local xenos and had a prosperous existence. (The artefacts that we saw the Xenos use showed signs of some human craftsmanship, possibly looted but on reflection, it may have been traded.) The human civilization did not fall as a result of their interactions with the Xenos.

Then they became lax with their witch hunting and the false emperor emerged. He led them to rebuff the xenos and make war on them, Then he instigated more thorough witch hunts. This continued for 20 years before our arrival.

In those 20 years of rule, the demon did not try to change Imperial society or the creed at all, but wanted to funnel the witches for its own sacrifice.

Gears told me of the Tech Priests here, they are backward and have forgotten even the rudiments of metal-working, using blood instead of charcole.

Lesson 1: Unsanctioned psykers and witches represent the greatest danger we face as they are portals through which demons may enter.

Lesson 2: Not all Xenos interactions are unprofitable.

Lesson 3: The society in which we currently live is desirable to demons.

Lesson 4: The Mechanus are not wise guardians of technology. We should investigate an alternative provider of technology, they do not know why their rites work.

Lesson 5: We know full well that Xenos weapons can be as reliable as human made ones, as evidenced by the blades that the Captain and Colonel carry, which seem as reliable as any power blade.


We should reform the way in which the ship works, the abolition of the slaves is perhaps not as bad an idea as I originally thought.

It may be worth giving the crew greater training and responsibility and promoting from the lower-decks rather than bringing in outsiders as officers.

We should also find some way to remove radiation leaks on the lower decks to prevent mutation.

We need to make sure the witch hunts continue.

We should at least consider the possibility of peaceful xenos interaction. They may be able to provide for us the secrets of lost technology.