The crew discussed the objectives and tried to get a little more information on their targets. However the logistical difficulties involved in getting into and out of the slave mines of Queen Voss proved overly daunting.

Frustrated by the inability to form a coherent plan they threw the dice and visited Queen Voss. Showing her the intercepted Imperial transmission, she took them seriously and asked them to take the same information to Administrator Plainth along with an encrypted communicator.

They visited Plainth, but his guards wouldn't let anybody through the front door and they ended up waiting outside until Elana spotted Recca nearby and called her. She revealed that she was Plainth's daughter and managed to get them in to see the administrator who was stubborn, taciturn and very brief. Not speaking much to the crew.

Returning to Voss, they discovered that Plainth and Voss would work together to stop the raid by crushing their rival between them to hopefully deny the Empire a beach head. However they would need to go in and destroy the docking bay and opening the way for the rest of Voss's forces. She gave them each (with the exception of the wookie) a small facial tattoo to mark them as her allies.

She was not going to pay but offered to employ the slaves that they had been given by Jabarath and pointed out that if he died, their debt to him would vanish. They went out to the docking bay with some explosives

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