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Player Characters Edit

Andrew - Void Master - Gunnery Chief Gunner Able - Character sheet - Exp Log - Other notes

Rachel - Arch Militant - Jayne Walker - Character sheet

Nik - Rogue Trader - Alabaster Marcone

Dave - Explorator - Gears

Chris - Navigator - Patronius Fox

Non-Player Character Edit

I found a guideline (from Battlefleet Koronus) on the number of crew we should have:

  • 260 officers
  • 2,340 Warrant Officers
  • 2,600 Armsmen
  • 20,800 Voidsmen (including slaves/mutants)

Seneschal Mendoza Hill

Senior Navigator Jerome

Father Zacharius Flume

Evgeny Valentin

Ensign Merriweather

Magos Glorithia Hax Sanctioned Xeno-Seer (Xeno-Linguist picked up from Echidna)

Not Quite Crew Members: Edit

Cornelius Quinn A former Ships Captain who uploaded themselves into the Abominable Intelligence

Maximilian Gredz A former Navigator who uploaded themselves into the Abominable Intelligence.

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