After the fight the crew sat down to discuss what had happened.

Unfortunately due to the damage inflicted on the Cargo bay door, Max needed to repair that before they could become spaceworthy.

Koco made her introductions and they discussed their next move.

A blue skinned male Twil'lek named Cyphas Bloom approached them, and offered the crew a large amount of money if they would leave immediately in the morning and promise not to come back for 2 years. He was even willing to grant safe passage for the Princess as long as she left with them. He retreated for a few minutes to le the crew consider their options. the interesting complication is that the planet does not have anybody locally who could easily pay such a large sum. Also that such a sum of credits could easily hire several hundred members of the Optio and their Blastboat ships.

Thee was a heated argument about the issue, but Lowhhrick refused to leave the planet until his mission had been completed.

Tensions frayed further as Elana went out and negotiated a contract on her own with Cyphas and came back in expecting everybody to sign. Tensions escalated until Elana tried to use the force on Lowhhrick to force him to kill himself.

Thankfully Lowhhrick is as strong willed as he is stubborn and resisted her powers easily.

Pash noticed that the mob of civilians was beginning to mobilise and went out to join them, discovering that a highly respected member of the city was killed when they charged the inquisitors shuttle (under Pash's direction) and that they were seeking revenge.

They stormed the city and attempted to make for the palace, but Pash diverted them first to the prisons and liberated all the prisoners. He also managed to trade his magnoculars for another dose of Lesai. Growing frustrated he crushed his communicator.

Lowhhrick grew impatient and went off into the city, where he was approached by a young Wookie child that was awed by him and mentioned that the lady he sought was hiding in one of the many logging towns far away from the city.

He set out to find her on foot.

Back on the ship, the passengers began to arrive, expecting to set-off within the hour. Natala and the others helped them on board and settled them into their cabins.

Max came up to the bridge and managed to bypass the primary ignition coil which Pash took with him for security, (he's a really good mechanic)

The crew are poised, waiting to decide if they want to flee or stay.

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