Aboard the Imperial Prison ship, the crew made their way down towards the cells where the computer records indicated that the droid engineer was located.

They found him, dragged by his collar out of the door and quickly gave chase. Lowrrick reached the droid first and tacked it to the ground before the others arrived and managed to gravely damage the droid. A scatter burst of fire closed a blast door on the mysterious droid and separated it from its prisoner.

An examination of the scene showed a scrap of armour plating that bore the serial code: IG-88L

IG-88 was a known assassin droid, wanted by Imperial authorities. Clearly on the hunt for an expert that could help it in its endeavours.

They doubled back to chase it down once they realised the vast price on its head. 20,000 Cr for IG-88

Ela tried to use the computer to box the droid in, but it used some sort of powerful tube launcher to blast through the doors. Giving them an opportunity to give chase and despite Lowrrick and Ela failing to make a jump and falling through to a lower deck, they were able to catch IG-88L just before boarding its ship, blowing it to pieces and catching the head as a trophy.

However as soon as they did so, the ship released its seal with the hull and vented that section into space. Pash and Max barely managed to leap behind an emergency bulkhead before it closed.

A voice from the ship spoke, demanding that they hand over their prisoner and Pash fast-talked the droid into believing that they would give him up willingly.

They boarded the ship and fled the scene as quickly as possible, jumping to empty space a few hours away before continuing on to their destination. Grisman, the droid engineer, told them of the IG-88 project and how it took over several other identical droid prototypes, but that the head of IG-88L represented an inferior factory-made copy.

They "persuaded" him to defect to the rebellion, despite his own plans to sell his services to private business and got him to upgrade the turn speed on the turrets.

They arrived at Hoth, where a squad of X-wings quickly surrounded and escorted them into a hidden base. They met with Senator Leia Organa who was delighted to meet another native of Aldoran.

Ela volunteered to help with signals intelligence and met up with her long-distance boyfriend (Vosh Lee, a rebel pilot), who called her by the wrong name. She dumped a drink over him and kissed one of the other pilots in revenge.

Meanwhile the others rested and recuperated, happy to get paid the 4,000 for their troubles. However it was not long before the alarm klaxon went off.

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