An ex-military special forces agent. specializing in covert infiltration and assassination.

He was captured whilst raiding a SOCOM training facility, but was overwhelmed by superior air-power and captured.

Race: Human (Extra Edge)

Attributes: Agility: D8 Smarts: D6 Spirit: D6 Strength: D8 Vigour: D8

Skills: Fighting: D6, Intimidation: D4, Investigation: D6, Lockpicking: D6, Notice: D8, Shooting: D8, Stealth: D6, Streetwise: D6, Taunt: D4, Tracking: D4, Piloting: D8, Driving: D6

Derived attributes: Charisma: 0, Toughness: 5 (+1 Heavy = 6) Parry: 5 Pace: 12M

Hindrances: Vow: No Mercy to the Invaders (Minor), Wanted: Terrorism (Minor), Overconfident (Major), Bloodthirsty (Major) - 6 pts (2 extra attributes, 1 extra edge)

Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Power Points, Fast Healer, Rich, Ace

Gear: Sniper Rifle, Duraweave Suit (+1 Heavy Armour), Z-Belt, Vibro-Knife, Switchblade, MZ-Herokiller with Laser sights, Uzi 9mm with laser sight and supressor. Combat Drugs (Agility, Strength, Vigour)


Chameleon (5)

Invisibility (5)

Copycat (3)

Extra Skills (2)

Regeneration (5)

The Blade of Kai Long (5) [Melee Attack Lv 3 (6), AP: 2 (1) Device (-2)]

Melee Attack Damage: 1D8 + 4D6 + 2 (AP: 4)

Experience Progression:

5- Novice: Extra Power Points.(Regeneration 5)

10- Novice: Agility (D6 > D8)

15- Novice: Skills (Lockpicking D4>D6 and Shooting D6>D8)

20- Seasoned: Power Points

25- Seasoned: Skills (Fighting D6 > D8 and Notice D4 > D6)

30- Seasoned: Skills (Notice D6 > D8, Pilot D6 > D8)

35- Seasoned: Edge - Ace

40- Veteran:

45- Veteran:

50- Veteran:

55- Veteran:

60- Heroic:

65- Heroic:

70- Heroic:

75- Heroic:

80- Legendary:

85- Legendary:

90- Legendary:

95- Legendary:

100 (Retirement time)  

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