After many long weeks, the crew were able to get their Hyperdrive Motivator back and jumped off into space towards their delivery target.

However, only a few days into their journey, they came out of hyperspace abruptly into the wreckage of a recent battle. Clear signs of a conflict between Imperial and rebel forces. Still remaining was the heavily damaged hull of the ISS Adjudicator. A former Republic star-destroyer retrofitted as a prison transport.

The ship was dead in space, so they docked seeking out survivors.

They found signs of fighting within the ship and soon enough were attacked by alien fighting beasts that had been released from the cargo area.

They explored further, finding a detachment of storm-troopers armed only with a couple of pistols and stun sticks. Thankfully, one named Gris had served previously with Max and he was able to fill them in.

They explored outside the ship in space suits and were able to reach the bridge. Despite the frosty reception, they were able to get an idea of what was going on.

Somebody or something had boarded the ship after the aborted rebellion attack. They had opened the cargo bays and destroyed the armoury for maximum chaos. Then they began torturing and killing, searching for one specific person.

Kyle Grisham a former droid engineer, fortunately they discovered his identity and his cell location. Unfortunately there is still a killer on the ship and are wearing prisoner disguises so only have small weapons.