Escaping the Volcano, they found themselves crashing into the waters not far from the island shore. They quickly tried to escape and were picked up by their friend the Plesiosaur trainer.

She escorted them back to the main continent and arrangements were made to rescue the remaining aliens from the island. The "Rebellion" paid them and they then had to make their way back to Kemreth Secundus to get paid for their escort of the Moff's Niece They launched off and had a safe trip to the smaller moon and met with Jabarath for their pay..

They were paid and decided to spend the funds on an upgrade to the shield generator.

However whilst Pash was out celebrating Bounty Hunters (a Rodian and a human thug) carefully ambushed him in a bar and threw him into a container, ready to take back to Teemo the Hutt. The rest of the crew were able to rescue him, but not before Lowhrrick killed one of the bounty hunters. He was arrested and taken before Jabarak, who fined the crew to the value of his bounty. 7,000 credits that the crew did not have. So they set off immediately looking for work.

They headed out to one of the other domes and whilst there, they visited, in Administrator Plainth's dome, a museum dedicated to dark artifacts of the same ilk as the black tablet and met a local. After admitting to knowing something of the artifacts nature they were invited around for dinner to meet her master.

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