After enjoying the hospitality of the Unbroken Bond and resupplying a little, the crew made their way to the planet to try and locate the missing Imperial Princess.

Landing in the waters outside the capital city, they moored up and were boarded by customs officials, who managed to confiscate a portion of the drinks cabinet.

Arguments over the Grenade incident and Pash's refusal to sleep almost ended poorly, so Lowhhrick left ahead of the others to search for clues.

Finding nothing but dusty abandoned safe-houses, he managed to overhear an Optio patrol in plain clothes which revealed that they were still searching for the Princess as well.

As the team gathered together near the chaotic warehouse district they noticed many shops were closed and food prices were sky high. Apparently the main food warehouses had been accepting food from the harvest but not distributing it. Tensions were high and when Pash pulled a blaster in surprise, the guards panicked and shot into the crowd. The riot erupted violently and the security forces were quickly beaten and over-run.

The crew made their own way through the crowds to open the warehouse doors themselves, but found this one to be rigged with an incendiary. They managed to disarm it, but the other two warehouses were not so lucky and went up in flames. the crush caused many deaths and much of the food went missing. When Elana took some of the paperwork it became clear that the food had largely already been moved and that this was a calculated move to ferment a revolt.

However they did manage to save some of the food and calm the volatile situation.

Meeting up they found that the supplies had been moved by wooden sailing ship out to sea where they would be safe.

Pash thought to hit up the local underworld for information, so he visited first a drug dealer who was able to provide some much needed Lasai leaves and then the Butchers Bank. The sole money-lenders in the city and a brutal syndicate. Pash offered the services of the Silver Lining and agreed a deal for 4.500Cr. ferrying people to a nearby system in high style. The only condition was that it had to be ready the next morning and they would be liable for double the cost if they did not show up.

With that it approached Noon and the crew met up to discuss what to do.

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