Enter the City-State of Kythios, one of the last bastions of Humani whose thousands of inhabitants, live, die, work and worship. Kythios, where philosophers explore the mysteries of the universe, where warriors raise their bright bronze blades against the marauding Darzees and fearsome Nollans, and where the people gather at the Demos to govern their destiny. In this city strange priests jealously guard the inner mysteries of gods like Wopi the Frog, and Ak the snake, and Loremasters delve the secrets of the Runes that Wrote the World. The Humani have prayed to the Gods for deliverance, but will they have to deliver themselves form their inhuman enemies and from the Scourge of The Excression that rises in the night, and in the Dark Places? The Elders have called for those of courage and wit to go forth and seek out Humani’s salvation; to seek knowledge, wisdom, allies and wonders that can bolster our strength. Will you join them?

Town life

The World of PangaraEdit

Pangara,the Written WorldEdit

The world was brought into being by a cosmic alignment of Runes, the pages below describe the small corner of this realm in which our adventures will be set.

The City-State of KythiosEdit

This page describes the City State of Kythios capital of Kythia is the main game setting

Gods of PangaraEdit

This page provides an introduction to the unfathomable gods of the world of Pangara

People of KythiaEdit

This page has information about the characters that inhabit our make-believe world, both PC & NPC

Notable places near Kythios are

• The Solaran Empire • The city-state of Tygion • The city-state of Leaberos • The Kingdom of Voth

Other lesser City States are Tyros, Pakkara, Ethios, and Helixica

Peoples of PangaraEdit

Humani, the Spirit Walkers

Darzees, Heralds of the Wind



Nollans, Giants of the Wilds



Gallackos, Riders of the Skies



Assai, Children of Djod



Magic in PangaraEdit

Rune Magic

Divine Mana